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What I Do Not Inspect:

Please note that due to liability concerns, I do not operate any water supply valves, dishwashers or washing machines because of the remote possibility of valve failure and/or water leak issues from unit malfunction. However, I will note in the report any signs of valve deterioration, damage and/or corrosion.
I do not inspect clothes dryers, fire, or landscaping sprinkler systems.
I do not individually test for power at light fixtures that do not work. 99.9% of the time they have burned out bulbs. However, I will reference in the report lights that do not work, then you could simply have the seller replace the bulbs and make sure ALL lights are in working condition as part of your objections.

Services Offered:

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1. Detailed Inspection

2. General Overview

3. Custom Inspection/Home Health Check Up

4. Home Health Check Up

5. Commercial Property Inspection

6. Pre-Sale Inspection

7. Third Party New Home Inspection for Builders/Contractors

8. Infrared Thermal Imaging

9. Radon Testing

10. Draw Inspections

1. Detailed Inspection


Covers structural integrity of foundation, framing, roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, heat systems, all the main components of the home I can reasonably get to. In addition, I check every outlet I can get to for proper wiring, all accessible windows, doors and cabinet doors and drawers.

In addition, I check for gas leaks with my combustible gas sniffer and check for Carbon Monoxide with my CO sniffer.
I scan the home with my IR camera, concentrating on the ceilings to detect missing insulation and roof leak issues. I also utilize the IR camera to check for overheating breakers and wiring at the electrical panel and top check the performance of the heat systems. This is an especially useful tool for in floor heat systems.

I will test smoke and CO detectors that are reasonably accessible.

I look for mold and the conditions that would create mold.

I look for signs of wood destroying insects and potential pathways to the inside of the home.

I look for signs of rodent activity.

**These images show mold and moisture issues in a crawlspace.

2. General Overview


This inspection concentrates on the structural integrity, roof, exterior, interior, plumbing, electrical, heat systems, and all the main components of the home with random checks of outlets, windows, and doors. In addition, I utilize a condensed version of my typical report.
This inspection saves time and money.

3. Custom Inspection

I can basically customize an inspection any way you want. I can be as detailed or general as you want. Just point me in a direction and let me know what tools you want me to use.

4. Home Health Check Up

Like a Custom Inspection, I will check out anything you are concerned about like the following:

  • Check the systems that could present a health risk like gas powered devices, that could produce Carbon Monoxide and/or gas leak issues, check gas line connections.
  • Check the heat system for adequate performance utilizing the IR camera.
    Check for missing insulation and roof leak issues with the IR camera.
  • Take a look at fireplaces and wood stoves.
  • Check for mold issues.
  • Check for radon levels in the home.

5. Commercial Property Inspection

Every commercial inspection is unique and would basically fall into the “Custom Inspection” category described above.

6. Pre-Sale Inspection

This inspection is like a “General Overview” type inspection and can make your house selling experience way easier, less time consuming and less stressful with the purpose of detecting serious or potentially serious issues. With this information, you won’t be blind sided with unexpected repair expenses while under contract. I can offer suggestions on how to resolve issues found.

7. Third Party New Home Inspection for Builders/Contractors:


Consists of a detailed inspection, top to bottom with the purpose of creating a punch list of any unfinished details and/or malfunctioning systems. This service can be a good time saver for a contractor who has another project starting up.

8. Infrared Thermal Imaging

This high-resolution IR camera which I use on every inspection is a great tool to check for missing insulation, moisture intrusion issues at roof and/or wall areas, performance of in floor heat systems, forced air and other types of heat systems, proper operation of heat tape and can detect overheating electrical breakers/panels.

**These infrared images show missing insulation, signs of moisture intrusion issues, infloor heat, and water temperature.

9. Radon Testing:

Radon testing provided by Sun Nuclear 1028 and 1029 electronic monitors. These tests have to run for 48 hours with a closed house condition (windows and doors have to be closed except for normal entry and exit) occurring 12 hours prior to setting up the monitor and for the duration of the 48-hour test.

10. Draw Inspections

I do draw inspections for banks/contractors to determine progress of new construction projects so contractors can retrieve appropriate incremental cash draws from the bank.

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