Steve Petri

I would highly recommend Cliff. He does nice quality thorough work it is very easy to talk to.

Marianne Brenna

Cliff did an outstanding job inspecting a home that I was in escrow on, there were multiple issues and he made sure I was fully informed. Priceless service. I recommend him very highly.

Chris Hoffman

Cliff is nothing short of awesome. Extremely thorough (can’t emphasize that enough). Took lots of time to bring me through the house as part of the inspection, made absolutely sure I understood everything. Found many things that I don’t believe other...

Patti Barker

What a relief it was to find Cliff Hutchins at Quality Inspection Service! Cliff is professional and thorough and provided me with excellent information about my home inspection, in a format that was easy to understand. Cliff made himself available to answer all of my...

Kati Cavanaugh

Cliff did a fantastic job! Extremely thorough and a very good turnaround time. We had a tight deadline, and Cliff was a Godsend. He is great at returning calls promptly & answering any questions that come up. He spent a lot of time meeting with us at the property...